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The Shift Storm is Here! It's Time to "Scale or Die"! Are You With Me?

I'm Looking to Help 100 Agents Scale Their Real Estate Business to $1M+ in GCI in the Next 2-3 Years.

Why Aren't You Where You Want to Be?

"And here I am crushing it..."

That's the last line of the t-shirt I'm wearing in the pic...

The truth is ... the reason more agents don't succeed at the highest levels in our industry is that coaches and trainers either haven't done it themselves or if they have, they're not willing to share the truth about what it really takes or the pitfalls they fell in along the way.

There are only a handful of reasons most agents don't achieve at their highest potential:

  • You don’t have the necessary tools and systems in place to scale.

  • You have been led to believe that it's too hard to scale your business

  • You don't have a clear vision of where your business is headed.

  • ​You have failed to develop and execute a clear growth plan.

  • ​You may not even believe that building a real business is possible.

In Business Foundations, you will get priority access to proven tools, systems and training so that you can crush your goals and live a lifestyle that you never thought would be possible.

In Business Foundations, You'll Have All The Training, Coaching, Tools, Systems and Support You'll Need to Crush Your Growth Goals

The Reasons to Join Today:

  • Unrestricted Access to Every Tool & System I've Built

  • Live Business Coaching 2x per Week

  • Live Weekly Production Mastermind

  • Access to Private Online Community of Like Minded Agents

  • Quarterly Business Planning Workshops

  • Spring & Fall 2 Day Digital Summits

  • Instant Access to All Prior Masterminds & Workshops

  • It's Perfect Timing Given This Economic Climate!

Lock in the Discounted Rate. No Contract. Cancel Anytime. Get Instant Access to Everything!

Here's Why Traditional Methods Don't Work

  • The focus is on buying as many leads as possible even if the ROI isn't there

  • There is a singular focus on selling homes at the detriment of your life

  • There is no focus on building a sustainable business that can scale during times of crisis

  • The end result is you working every evening and weekend

  • Leads to you being underpaid, overworked and complete overwhelm

No Hype or Fluff, Just The Stuff That Works

If you want to take your "unfair" share in the next 2-3 years, then this program is for you!

I literally wrote the book on how to grow your real estate business no matter what is happening with the market or economy.

I went from newly licensed to selling over 400 homes in a single year during The Great Recession years. I didn't have a sales background or any business building experience whatsoever.

I applied simple tools and systems and some common sense business principles that allowed for me to grow my sales and income without losing my life.

And I want to show you how to do the same in your business!

Are You a Good Fit With Our Tribe?

I am looking for 100 agents crazy enough to think they can scale their businesses to $1,000,000 GCI and beyond in the next 3 years despite the "shift storm" that is coming!

  • You're a real estate agent doing less than $250K GCI and want to scale to $1M+ & Beyond!

  • You're tired of feeling underpaid, overworked and overwhelmed

  • You're ready to scale your real estate business without giving up your life

  • You want to be able to put the things that matter the most first

  • You are excited and maybe a little nervous about the shift that's coming and want to take advantage of it!

Business Foundations is The Solution!

Our Mission is to Help 100 Agents Reach $1M+ in the Next 3 Years!

Selling a ton of homes is one thing but doing it without losing your mind is a whole different ball game. To do this takes a set of tools that allows for your business to grow without your hours doing the same!

Success leaves clues. And who you surround yourself is who you become. This program will give you direct access on a daily basis to Lars (The Founder) and Stacie (REBS COO and our first member back in 2013!) so you can get it straight from the source!

One of the most powerful tools we employ in Business Foundations is our proprietary planning system. Based on a couple decades of trial and error, this system combines your longer term vision with your weekly and daily tasks.

Bottom line, this group is only for real estate agents that want to build a business that has a life outside of them. this is not your ordinary productivity coaching program. We do everything with an eye toward helping you scale a sustainable business in the long term.

You will be held to a higher standard as we know you are here to achieve more than you would on your own. We aren't afraid of "tough love" and will call each other out when we have to.

Become One of Our Next Case Studies

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Let Me Be Your Guide in The Wild Journey of Business Growth

Here's The Nuts & Bolts of How We Will Guide & Support Your Growth

  • Live Weekly Production Mastermind with Lars on what's working right now and how to thrive in the current market wile other agents struggle to survive.

  • Live Business Coaching Calls 2x per week to get help and find solutions for whatever specific challenges you're facing in your business.

  • Access to our exclusive online community to network with like-minded Real Estate business builders who want to crush the shift!

  • Instant Access to ALL of our tools and systems so you can "swipe and deploy" them into your business for massive leverage and momentum.

  • Quarterly Business Planning Workshops so that you have confidence that you're working on the next right thing in your business

  • Spring & Fall Digital 2-Day Summits to bring you the very best tactics and strategies that are working in the current market.

  • No Long Term Commitment. Although the journey to true business ownership takes time, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime with 30 days notice.

There is No Other Real Estate Business Coaching Program Like Business Foundations!

To Make Sure You Truly Understand What You Will Get When You Partner With Us in Business Foundations...

Unrestricted Access To All of Our Tools & Systems

You'll get access to our entire library of tools and systems to help you scale your business. There is no tool, system, strategy, template, etc. that is excluded.

Live Weekly Production Mastermind with Lars

A huge part of this journey is learning new things. This weekly training will allow you to expand your mind around what is truly possible in your real estate business.

Live Business Coaching 2x Per Week

This set of analytical tools will allow you to get really clear about the next step in your business. The goal here is to equip you to be able to assess YOUR next right move.

Business Workshops & Digital Summits

This is when we really get to work and make sure you know what to work on next and learn the very best tactics for getting ahead in this shifting market. We've got your back!

Access to Our Private Online Community

You'll get access to our entire library of tools and systems to help you scale your business. There is no tool, system, strategy, template, etc. that is excluded.

No Long Term Contract Means No Risk to You

We are so confident in what we have built that we know you'll want to hang around this new tribe for many months and years to come. So let's get started and get to work!

How is Business Foundations Really Different & Will it Really Work for Me?

Business Foundations is All About Real World Tools & Systems That Work.

Let's face it, most coaching programs are bulls***! They're focused on helping you get as many deals as you can, even if that means working crazy hours and giving up your personal life.

Business Foundations helps you to improve ALL areas of your life.

I know first hand what it's like to struggle to grow a real estate business while maintaining a healthy personal life. I've made all the mistakes, and suffered through years of barely sustainable business.

Since then, I've figured out a system that is failsafe. I've rolled the best from all my experience into this program to provide you with a shortcut to success!

Plus, You Get Access to All 4 Key Business Drivers & Our 12 Business Accelerators!

Driver #1: ATTRACT Buyer & Seller Prospects

Our Lead Generation Levers are based on attraction marketing principles and are proven to produce 25+ sides per year.

The 3 Accelerators included in the ATTRACT Driver:

  • Database Marketing to increase the frequency of referral/repeat business

  • Listing Marketing to increase the # of marketable listings you carry

  • Buyer Marketing to capitalize on your listings by producing more deals

Driver #2: CONVERT to Consultations & Clients

Learn how to turn leads into face to face or virtual consultations and then into loyal clients so that you can build relationships that last.

The 3 Accelerators included in the CONVERT Driver:

  • Lead Management systems to increase conversion rates of your leads

  • Appointment Setting to get in front of quality buyers and sellers

  • Consultation Process to make sure you turn prospects into loyal clients

Driver #3: DELIVER World Class Service to Clients

Drive referrals through the roof by implementing client care systems through the use of swipe-able tools and systems.

The 3 Accelerators included in the DELIVER Driver:

  • Client Servicing so that buyer and seller clients are taken care of right

  • Transaction Management to guard against deals falling apart

  • Critical Tech Tools so that you can scale without you losing your mind

Driver #4: SCALE Your Business to $1M & Beyond

Now it's time to create the future you want! Learn how to make more money while putting your personal life first.

The 3 Accelerators included in the SCALE Driver:

  • Plan Your Future so you know exactly where you are going

  • Know Your Numbers so that you can run your business from the beach

  • Grow Your Team so you can use other people's talents to drive growth

The Exclusive B-School Guarantee

I have no doubt that you will be able to scale your sales and income profitably and sustainably when you go "all in" with Business Foundations, and because of this, our guarantee is a little different than you might expect.


You are 100% guaranteed to succeed if you do the work and get our support when you are stuck. We invest a massive amount of time and resources to support you every step of the way. The only time you won't succeed is if you give up when things get challenging.


We know our approach works 100% of the time for those who do the work. That's why you need to take 100% responsibility for your results. If you don't do the work or challenge our approach every step of the way, then you won't get the results you're looking to get.

I'll Help You Navigate the Pitfalls of Business Growth...

...and Avoid the Mistakes I made!

  • I went from a solo agent who did 44 sides my first full year in the business to 248 sides just a few years later to over 400 sides a couple years after that

  • My growth was in the worst market in the last 50 years, The Great Recession, where we lost 2/3 of the agents in my market!

  • I made all the mistakes you can make from wasting money on lead sources that don't work to hiring the wrong people to help with growth

  • I have built a multiple 7-figure liquid net worth and now earn over $80k in monthly residual income as well. Not bragging, just want you to know that I can help you do the same!

  • I've now made it my mission to help 100 agents grow their businesses to $1M+ in GCI in the next 3 years with as little "pain" as possible.

Here's What Our Members Are Saying About Us...

Afraid to Commit? Take a Test Drive! You Have Nothing to Lose!

With Business Foundations you can cancel your monthly membership at anytime with a 30-day notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is specifically designed for agents who feel overworked, overwhelmed and are looking for a way out. We don’t just focus on helping you scale your business and increase your revenue, we also want to help you gain time AND money freedom so that you can crush your financial goals without having to sacrifice your personal life. If you’re tired of working long hours and doing tedious tasks, and you’re ready to do what it takes to create the future you want, then Business Foundations is for you!

While most coaching programs offer cookie-cutter strategies that ultimately set you up for failure, our coaching programs, including Business Foundations, take a more unique approach. Instead of just looking at how to increase your bottom line, we look at the whole picture: Do you have the right people on your team? Is your business sustainable? Are you working too many hours? Are you spending too much time and money focusing on the wrong areas of the business?

You'll get access to a member portal that will hold all the tools, systems, and trainings that we offer. You'll also get access to a private online community where you can join daily coaching calls, participate in weekly specialist trainings and network with other members as well as the Real Estate B-school team.

Because we're so confident in the tools and systems we offer, we're confident you’ll be satisfied. But if for some reason you aren’t you are free to cancel your monthly membership at anytime. No long term contracts! All we ask is that you give us a 30-day notice. Note that is you opt for the Annual Plan you are committing to Business Foundations for a year and there are no refunds.

Are You Ready to Get on a Proven Path to Build True Wealth in The Areas of Life That Matter Most?

Join Business Foundations Today & Let's Scale Your Business to $1M+ in GCI & Beyond!

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