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  • tyler-goff

    Tyler Goff

    Realtor at Tyler Goff Group

    "When you realize that we're all struggling with a lot of the same issues and being able to mastermind with them and take ideas of what they're doing. I can provide information about what we're doing, what’s working well, and really just that networking opportunity, the relationships, and to see our client service, our customer service go up through the roof."

  • justin-udy

    Justin Udy

    Justin Udy & Team Real Estate

    "Sometimes, when you have a coach, whether it be Lars or any of his coaches, you have somebody that is seeing the blind spots. I like the fact that I can say… I just want to figure out a way that I can spend more time with my kids."

  • laurie-dau

    Laurie Dau

    Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

    "I have access to the coaches at any time, so when I hit different roadblocks... I can hop on a call at any time. Meeting all the people that are here are all like-minded, growth-oriented people. That's a huge benefit."

  • stephanie-sisson

    Stephanie Sisson

    The Greg Sisson Team

    "I just feel an overall peace that we are going in the right direction. I really like that Lars has attracted like-minded individuals. People who work hard, but also really value their family and their faith. For me, that's just really refreshing in the real estate industry."

  • ryan-anderson

    Ryan Anderson

    Owner of The Anderson Group

    "Lars and his team are actually players, they're not just coaches. They're playing in the game and they're developing their systems. It's fun to watch them play ball like we are and run their business while I'm running my business, too. You're seeing live transition and how they're developing, and he shares all that with you. That's a huge tool, to see what's working in a bigger business than mine and what's not working in mine and trying to build on that."

  • michael-gilles

    Michael Gilles

    Team Leader at The Gillies Team

    "I had heard about this idea about scaling your business, and the potential for running a true business and getting out of production. That was so foreign to me that I had to understand what it was. Lars always says live in a 90-day world, so, figuring out what projects over the course of 90 days are gonna make us different. It's not just about leads, it's about the whole business."

  • maurice-robichaud

    Maurice Robichaud

    Owner of Arris Realty

    "I’ve found that Lars’ systems were very easy to copy and implement right away. It's like you can swipe and deploy, it wasn't a whole process of trying to learn how to reinvent the wheel. I'm making as much money and not working as much. Having access to everything I need and the coaches you can contact. You don't just have one coach now, every coach has their different strong points so you can call any coach you want. You have access to all the tools and the portal and the Facebook page - everything you need is available to you at any time."

  • Dave Friedman

    Dave Friedman

    Leader, The Dave Friedman Team

    "I needed somebody that could help me develop systems and processes, and ideally have theirs already developed where I could just take theirs for myself... I could just take everything that Lars had created for his real estate business, and put those into ours so the train would stay on the tracks."

  • Christal Johnson

    Christal and Allen Johnson

    Leaders, AJ Team Realty

    "99 percent of coaching programs only coach strategy. They'll tell you what you need to do - they'll tell you 'Make more phone calls', they'll tell you 'Go knock on more doors', tell you all these things you can do to get more business - but no one will tell you how to implement systems to enable you to grow past doing that on your own."

  • Stacie Peterson

    Stacie Peterson

    Hegg Realtors, Inc

    "Anything that he shared with me, systems that he asked me to put into place - they were built out already. I really could swipe, deploy, put it in my business (and put my own spin on it if I needed to). It was ready to go and that's how I knew that he was using it - everything was there, which makes it so much easier, especially when you're pulled in a million different directions. You're trying to sell, you're trying to be a motivational speaker to your team, you're trying to be the best time manager, you're trying to be everything in your business, and you need things ready to go - and that was definitely something that was there with Real Estate B-School. It was quick and I was able to exit production and really concentrate on making sure we were putting in the systems into place."

  • Dave Hooke

    Dave Hooke

    The Dave Hooke Team

    "I work at 8:30 to 5:30, I'm home with my wife and family every evening, and I haven't taken an appointment on a weekend in as long as I can remember. Our business has doubled since two and a half years ago - it's gone from 90 sides to this year, we're on track to do 175 to 180 by the end of the year - a million GCI... Overall I just have more work like balance. More time with my family, more margin and also I feel like we do a better job for the customer - I feel like I'm not going to get burned out. I'm liking the business again!"