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Our goal is to help estate agents build a highly profitable business that serves them, their families, and build massive amounts of wealth in the process. We are honored to hear all the amazing things our members are telling others in this broken industry.

  • Dave-Friedman

    "I went from 32 transactions the first year to finishing off at 400 deals this year. The first 2 years I was not able to take any vacations whatsoever...then in 2015-2018 I was able to take 15 weeks of vacation each year that were completely unplugged. In 2018 I was able to put $1,000,000+ of net profit in the bank!!"

    - Dave Friedman
  • Enrique-Medellin

    "I would 100% recommend Real Estate B-School to anybody out there who’s looking to build a team or looking to build a business that you can truly call your own. Once you’re in it you’re going to realize, like I did, that it’s something you should have done a long time ago."

    - Enrique Medellin
  • Christal-Johnson

    "If you settle for something else then you’re really just selling yourself short. Take the opportunity and work with someone who’s proven in the business, doing it themselves, they know what it takes and they can really give you actionable items to move your business forward."

    - Christal Johnson
  • Stacie-Peterson-1

    "Thanks for REBS, I tripled my business, and finally have balance in my life for what's important."

    - Stacie Peterson
  • Andy-Mulholland-1

    "I was able to start looking at my business like an investment and know exactly where I needed to invest in my leads."

    - Andy Mulholland
  • Dave-Hooke

    "REBS helped me to create a business tracker so I can analyze my business rather than dumping numbers into a spreadsheet."

    - Dave Hooke
  • John-Mikesh

    "REBS helped me take a closer look at ROI and profitability and put pillars into place to see how one thing affects the other."

    - John Mikesh
  • Dan-Beer

    "I was able to create a proper organization structure for hiring employees and empowering them and giving them space to do their job."

    - Dan Beer
  • Matt-Perry

    "REBS taught me that I can have the huge business and still be a family person. With the help of coaching, you'll get to the next level faster!"

    - Matt Perry
  • Angel-Garcia

    "I was able to start treating my business like a pipeline, allowing me to track my metrics and learn the best way to spend my time. REBS gave me the space to find clarity."

    - Angel Garcia
  • Thomas-Elrod

    "I now have actionable systems and a marketing presence that allows me to back out of production and build a thriving team."

    - Thomas Elrod