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Want to know the secrets to
scaling your real estate business?

In this 90 minute masterclass, you're going to learn 3 key drivers to profitably scale your real estate business.

No gimmicks or hype. Just the stuff that is working now. Learn how to build a sustainable real estate business that runs without you!


  • Key Driver #1

    Create Your

    Learn how to build an actionable 3 year business Plan That Puts Your Life First ....so that you build a profitable systems driven business that serve you rather than enslaves you. We Must Begin With The End in Mind!

  • Key Driver #2

    Know Your

    Learn The Economic Modal & How to Track The Most Important Number in Your Business .... so that can scale your business without the stress that most teams leaders have. We Must Turn You Into The CFO of Your Business!

  • Key Driver #3


    Learn How to attract & Hire Top Talent and Create en Environment Where They Will Thrive .... so that you can surround yourself with a team that will energize you and get the job done. We Must Turn You Into a World Class Leader & Manager!

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Lars Hedenborg's “Scale” Model for building sustainable real estate businesses is widely used across the country. He has worked with hundreds of top producing agents and team leaders to profitably scale their business to $1M, $3M and even $5M+ GCI and get them out of the daily grind.

As the Founder of Real Estate B-School, Lars is committed to providing the most comprehensive set of business tools, systems and coaching in the real estate industry.

His mission is clear...to help top producing real estate agents and team leaders build highly profitable businesses through the use of sustainable systems and empowered people in order to systematically increase net worth and time away from the office ... and have less stress in their lives!

Join the masterclass now