We Help Real Estate Agents Scale Their Business & Wealth Without Losing Their Life


Scale or Die! is a step by step guide of how I built my real estate business to 400+ sides per year working just 1 day a week in the worst market in our history. And how you can too!

What is Real Estate B-School & How Can It Help You?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “B” in Real Estate B-School stands for business. We offer the real estate industry’s most complete set of tools, systems, strategies and training to help top producing real estate agents and team leaders build sustainable, systems-driven businesses that truly serve them rather than enslave them.

Our Mission Is Clear ... To help you scale your Real Estate Business through the use of Sustainable Systems and Empowered People so you can make more money, enjoy more time off and experience less stress in your life.

So the question is ... Do you have a Clear Roadmap in place to Build a Profitable, Systems Driven Business so that you can Live a Life of Meaning, Impact & Satisfaction?

You Deserve to Build an Amazing Real Estate Business Without Losing Your Life in the Process

The Real Estate Industry & Traditional Coaching & Training Methods Have Set You Up For Failure.

Maybe You Can Relate...

  • You don’t have the necessary tools and systems to scale

  • You haven't been able to incorporate leverage into your business

  • The crazy hours and stress are taking their toll at home

  • You have failed to develop and execute a clear growth plan

  • You are struggling financially and can't seem to get ahead

  • You can't seem to find the time to work "ON" your business

  • You don't have a clear vision of where your business is headed

  • You may not even believe that growth with freedom is possible

If you can relate to any of the above, then you're not alone. And ... we can help. We've done it over a thousand times with agents and team leaders around North America.

We Achieve Our Mission by Helping You Install and Master the 4 Key Drivers of a Sustainable Real Estate Business

As a result, you will build a real estate business that creates a lasting legacy. A business that works for you and creates tremendous impact and income, all while giving you more time to enjoy life again.

Hi, I'm Lars...

I'm the Founder of Real Estate B-School, and I’m glad you’re here. After helping over 5,000 families in my real estate business and 1000s of top agents and team leaders scale their businesses the right way, I have made all the mistakes there are and I'm willing to share them with you!

The real estate industry has set us all up for failure! The real wealth and freedom is being created by the top brokerage execs and franchise owners. The traditional model is set up to take advantage of overworked and underpaid real estate agents and team leaders like you. There is no exit strategy or freedom in the old model. Well, the game of real estate has changed.

Me and the team at Real Estate B-School are committing our time, talents and resources to help our members sell more homes without losing their lives and to build real wealth and residual income.

And most importantly, to live a life without regrets!

Our Guiding Business Building Principles

Simplify to Multiply

We look for ways to make our member’s businesses run on simple tools and systems that are easy to deploy and produce real results. Business can be complicated and overwhelming at times and, as such, we must choose simplicity over complexity in every area of business.

Results Matter

Our success comes through the success of others. When we are delivering what we promise to our members and they trust the process and take action, we will create exponential results for them. As a result, they will sing our praises and bring in more new members than we can handle. 

Play the Long Game

To build a profitable and sustainable business, there is no shortcut and it will take time and effort to do it right. We will choose to focus on the important and not always what is urgent.  There will be tough decisions to be made to help our members win in business and life in the long term.

Priorities Over Talk

Priorities are what we do, everything else is just talk. We are willing to make commitments to each other so that we can achieve something incredible together. We agree to hold our members to the same standard of accountability to their commitments. If we let you off, we let you down.

Correct the Process

When there’s an issue in our business, we focus on correcting the process, not the person. It is hard to create leveraged results if we are always in reaction mode. With clear outcomes, resources and support we will create momentum and achieve our goals together.

While the journey to business ownership isn't easy, it's actually quite simple once you embody these core principles ... and it allows you to enjoy the ride!


The Real Estate Industry & Traditional Coaching Companies Have Set You Up For Failure.

  • You don’t have the necessary tools and systems in place to scale
  • You haven't been able to attract the right people to help you grow
  • The crazy hours and increasing stress are taking their toll at home
  • You have failed to develop and execute a clear growth plan
  • You are struggling financially and can't seem to get ahead
  • You can't seem to find the time to work "ON" your business
  • You don't have a clear vision of where your business is headed
  • You may not even believe that building a real business is possible

Real Estate B-School provides the tools, systems and strategies to help real estate agents and team leaders achieve true business freedom & live a life without regrets.

Check out the Case Studies below to see what's possible when you Partner with us at eXp Realty!

Not only is growing your real estate business possible, it is highly predictable when you have access to the right tools, systems and training.

Check out the Case Studies below to see what's possible when you Partner with Real Estate B-School!

Dan Jones

Dan went from working 60-70 hrs/wk down to just 35 hours AND 4x'd his income. He was even able to take 2 months off once his daughter was born! Now he's confident with where his business is, and excited about the continued growth!

Dave Friedman

Dave has 10x'd his business since he first started working with Real Estate B-School. He went from working over 80 hrs each week to taking 15 weeks of vacation each year. Thanks to REBS he was able to create predictable and consistent growth!

Stacie Peterson

Stacie grew her team, tripled her business, made the move from top producer to business owner and exited production within 6 months! She was ultimately able to sell her business for a 7-figure sum and now she's full time coaching and serving!

Andy Mulholland

Andy 2x'd his yearly transactions, 3x'd the size of his team, and achieved his goal of being able to exit production. Now he works just one day a week and is able to spend more time with his family than ever before!

Kerby Skurat

Kerby drastically reduced his work hours, while going from just him and his wife to over 700 transactions in a single year. By focusing on dollar-productive tasks he was achieve true time and money freedom!

Tyler Goff

Tyler was able to build a team with the structure that allowed him to spend more time working on the business rather than in the business. This allowed him to triple sales to 300+ transactions while working less hours.

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There are too many Business Podcasts to even count at this point. "So what makes this podcast any different?" you might be asking yourself. In one word I would say it's "transparency."

By focusing on proven, real world tactics and strategies that are time tested and proven to work in any market, I bring you the good, bad and ugly of what it's really like to build a real estate business the right way.

I've Learned From The Very Best Coaches, Trainers & Experts in the World ... And I've Applied Those Teachings to My Own Businesses.

In Fact, I've Spent Well Over $1M on Personal Development & Business Coaching & By Trial & Error, I've Figured Out What Works & What Doesn't As It Relates to Growing & Scaling a Business.

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.


Achieve true freedom in your real estate business & live your life without regrets

Learn the step by step journey to go from struggling agent to business owner.

Get clear on the steps necessary for you to achieve time and money freedom.

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