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All Coaching Programs promise "next level" growth but do they really offer a proven roadmap and step by step process to get there? And have they done it themselves in similar market conditions?

Not Quite Sure How to Get Your Business Growth Journey Started?


The 6 Stages of Business Growth offer a clear roadmap to get you from New Agent to Busy Top Producer to Team Leader to Business Owner.

Stage 1 - Start

Barely Getting By

$0 to $100K GCI


The “Start” Stage—Barely Getting By

This is where most real estate agents live—they are barely getting by, hardly making enough money to make ends meet and usually end up leaving the industry or going part time in real estate as a second income. An agent making less than $100k of Gross Commission Income (GCI) must hustle to gain enough momentum to break through into the Ramp Phase of The Real Estate Business Freedom Code.

The Business Freedom IndexTM (BFI = Annual Income Divided by Total Hours Worked) range in The Start Phase is $0 to $25 per hour and most agents aren’t working full time hours if they’re being honest with themselves. As you begin to hit the $100k mark, there is definitely a feeling of excitement about what’s to come yet you are still stressing where the next deal is coming from.

In order to move through this phase, you must establish and maintain keystone personal and business habits and continually improve your sales skills. Shear grit and a determination to grow are what get you out of survival mode and into The Ramp Phase.

Annual GCI Range $0 to $100K
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $0 to $25
Time Investment 30-40 Hours
How Does it Feel? Excited and naive, 80% dropout rate, traditional methods are failing
Strategic Question Where is my next deal coming from?
How to Get to the Next Level? Keystone habits, Skills building and determination to grow
Team Structure Solo

Stage 2 - Ramp

Doing It All Yourself

$100K to $500K GCI


The “Ramp” Stage—Doing it All Yourself

As you continue to do the right things and focus on sales related activities, you will enter The Ramp Phase. An agent making between $100k to $500k Annual GCI will be super busy, working most of the time and wondering if there is more to life than real estate.

The Business Freedom IndexTM range in The Ramp Phase is $25 to $50 per hour and you will need to seriously consider administrative support in this phase. As you begin to approach $500k GCI, you must also look to get leverage on the buy side of your business. As you continue to grow into The Build Phase, you must be thinking through systems as they relate to leveraged lead generation & conversion.

Many agents fail to move beyond The Ramp Phase as they are not willing to delegate tasks because they believe those tasks can only be done by themselves. This traditional thinking will force you to stay in the grind of traditionally successful real estate agents and you will continue to work 7 days a week and most evenings. Mindset is critical as you must believe leveraged growth is possible.

Annual GCI Range $100K to $500K
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $25 to $50
Time Investment 40-50 Hours
How Does it Feel? Hopeful and REALLY busy, wondering if there’s more to life than real estate
Strategic Question Where do I need leverage the most?
How to Get to the Next Level? Delegate Admin tasks; Leveraged lead generation; Selling is priority
Team Structure 1 FT Admin + 1 Agent

Stage 3 - Build

Building the Foundation

$500K to $1M GCI


The “Build” Stage—Building the Foundation

When you push through and make it to The Build Phase, you will likely be working more hours than ever. You are learning new skills as a sales leader to your agents yet you are still heavy in personal production. A team leader in the $500k to $1M of Gross Commission Income (GCI) range must have a clear roadmap if they are to gracefully move on to The Lead Phase of The Real Estate Business Freedom Code.

The Business Freedom IndexTM range in The Build Phase is $50 to $100 per hour and although it is decent pay, there are still far too many things that the team leader is doing that need to be delegated. You have definitely hit a breaking point in terms of the hours you are investing and the stress you are experiencing.

In order to move through this phase, you must focus on building foundational systems (especially in client care) that will provide massive leverage as you scale. You must get leverage on the buyer side of your personal production through the use of showing agents. You will need to become a great sales coach in order to make the transition into The Lead Phase.

Annual GCI Range $500K to $1M
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $50 to $100
Time Investment 50-60 Hours
How Does it Feel? Hit ceiling with time & stress, need a clear roadmap
Strategic Question What systems do I need to build or firm up?
How to Get to the Next Level? Leverage on buyer side; systems for improved delivery; Sales Leadership
Team Structure 1 Admin + 2-4 Agents

Stage 4 - Lead

Helping Others Succeed

$1M to $1.5M GCI


The “Lead” Stage—Helping Others Succeed

In The Lead Phase, your time is taken up more and more by serving your team members and driving them to succeed. In the $1m to $1.5m range for GCI, you can start to see the business taking on a life of its own. You are definitely feeling uncomfortable learning new leadership and management skills as well as holding team members accountable.

The Business Freedom IndexTM range in The Lead Phase is $100 to $250 per hour which gives you some real breathing room in terms of being able to cut your hours back a bit. As you begin to approach the $1.5m mark, you must start delegating outcomes and roles rather than tasks as you’ve been doing.

In order to move through this phase, you must help your team members get ahead which is a bit of a different approach than before. As you transition into The Exit Phase, the culture and cadence of your team is critical during this phase as is running the right Economic model. Your team consists of a couple admin and a handful of productive sales people.

Annual GCI Range $1M to $1.5M
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $100 to $250
Time Investment 40-50 Hours
How Does it Feel? Uncomfortable learning new skills and letting go
Strategic Question How do I help my team members get ahead?
How to Get to the Next Level? Establishing a Culture and Cadence is critical, running the right Econ Model
Team Structure 2 Admin + 4-6 Agents

Stage 5 - Exit

Success Through Others

$1.5M to $2M GCI


The “Exit” Stage—Success Through Others

In The Exit Phase, assuming you put the right Economic model in place, you have the choice to exit personal production. In the $1.5m to $2m range for GCI, you will have the profit margin necessary to make the complete shift to leading and managing others rather than selling homes.

The Business Freedom IndexTM range in The Exit Phase increases dramatically and is in the range of $250 to $500 per hour. At this point you can cut back your hours even more in this phase. As you begin to approach the $2m mark, you must let go even more to parts of the business that you thought only you could do and while it can be scary, the opportunity you are giving others is a true blessing to them.

To keep your momentum going in this phase, you must grow transformational leaders in the areas of sales and operations. They will focus on optimizing lead generation, sales and client care systems. The team is still quite manageable at this point with 2 key leaders in place, 3 admin and 6-8 agents. Taking the final step into The Own Phase is mostly a mindset shift.

Annual GCI Range $1.5M to $2M
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $250 to $500
Time Investment 30-40 Hours
How Does it Feel? Success through others can be scary, more letting go and trusting
Strategic Question How do I grow transformational leaders?
How to Get to the Next Level? Systems for client care, lead gen and sales; Elevating Ops and Sales leaders
Team Structure Ops Manager + 3 Admin + 6-8 Agents

Stage 6 - Own

Taking The Passenger Seat

$2M to $3M+ GCI


The “Own” Stage—Take The Passenger Seat

In The Own Phase, you have completely delegated the day to day sales and operations of the business. You have 2 strong leaders in place and you have broken through $2m GCI and can grow to $3m and beyond with this simple organization structure. You will surely feel uncomfortable only working 2-3 days a week so you have to trust the people and systems you have put in place.

The Business Freedom IndexTM range in The Lead Phase is $500 to $1,000+ per hour as you empower others and take the “passenger seat” in your business. You start to ask yourself about the impact you want to make in the world as the cadence and culture of the business do all of the heavy lifting for you. In The Own Phase, managing your business by the numbers is critically important.

Your business may become pretty “boring” to you at this phase of growth. There won’t be many shiny objects to distract you or any squirrels to chase as you will have the discipline of an entrepreneurial business owner who is looking to own a profitable and sustainable business. You will find that less of your identity is wrapped up in the business at this point. Time to find a hobby (or two)!

Annual GCI Range $2M to $3M+
Business Freedom Index (BFI) $500 to $1,000+
Time Investment 20-30 Hours
How Does it Feel? Comfort with agent to manager shift, more discomfort to become owner
Strategic Question Where can I have the greatest impact?
How to Get to the Next Level? Culture & Cadence doing the heavy lifting; Know Your Numbers
Team Structure 2 Leaders + 4 Admin + 8-10 Agents


The BUSINESS FREEDOM BLUEPRINT ... Every Tool & System You Need to Ascend to True Business Ownership

  • 6 Lead Gen Levers each good for 25-50+ transactions per year

  • Lead Conversion systems, scripts, email/text sequences to drive conversions

  • Lead Management systems, best practices and policies to make follow up easier

  • Editable Buyer & Seller Presentations & Packets so that you can sign new clients at will

  • Client Care systems including Trello Boards, checklists and scripts to drive referrals

  • Planning system/docs, Tracking sheets, Hiring system/docs so that you can scale your biz




For growth minded top agents with less than $500K in Annual GCI, our Business Foundations program gives you the tools, strategies and coaching to grow your sales to $1M GCI and beyond. By establishing the proper foundation, you will be able to scale more effectively as a result.

  • Access to The REBS Toolbox

  • Spring & Fall Digital Summits

  • Quarterly Planning Workshops

  • Live Business Coaching 2x/Week

  • Weekly Production Mastermind

  • Access to Team Toolbox

  • Access to Private Facebook Group


For Team Leaders with $500K+ in Annual GCI, our Graduate Program allows you to lock arms with a Business Coach that has been in the trenches and has experienced the growing pains of building a real estate team the right way, based on sustainable systems and empowered people.

Everything in Foundations plus:

  • Strategic Game Plan Call (1-1)

  • 4 Onboarding Calls (1-1)

  • Quarterly Business Reviews (1-1)

  • Unlimited Unstuck Calls (1-1)


By partnering with Lars & Real Estate B-School at eXp Realty, you can get the best of both worlds. Work directly with Lars to build a massive residual income stream and get priority access to the tools, systems and training necessary to build real wealth and an exit strategy as well.

  • Priority Access to Lars via Cell

  • Access to The REBS Toolbox

  • Spring & Fall Digital Summits

  • Quarterly Planning Workshops

  • Weekly Production Mastermind

  • Access to Team Toolbox

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • 3 Way Calls w/ Lars for Rev Share

  • Weekly eXp Explained Briefing

  • Weekly Agent Attraction Training

Unlike Most Coaching Programs, We Know How to Get You There Because We Have Done The Work Ourselves



Stacie built her first real estate team at the young age of 23. In 2011 she and another agent started a top producing team, and in just 5 short years, they helped over 1,500 families and were top ranked in The Wall Street Journal. It is because of the systems and strategies she put in place through REBS, she was able to sell her 7 figure business in 2016. Her true passion is helping others succeed and helping them believe in themselves even when business gets hard.



Greg has over 15 years of real estate experience. An Associate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Michigan Real Estate, he owns and manages The Roy-Miller Team, which he built from the ground up. Greg's team are the top producers in their marketplace, and he is in the top 20 within the Berkshire Hathaway brand, Greg's strengths are personal development, systems, and low-cost tools that produce consistent results. His financial strengths include managing cash flow, investing, and creating passive income and building wealth.



Chris has been the Director of Operations for The Holloway Real Estate Group for the last six years. Since partnering with his wife Cristin to build their team in 2014, Chris has played a major role in tremendous growth. He spent the previous 15 years as an Art Director for a printing facility and has brought a systems approach to their real estate business. Chris has been an integral part of implementing all of the systems, processes and tracking for the team which led the team to triple its volume in the first 18 months of joining. Chris has three children and enjoys woodworking, fishing, listening to music and most of all spending time with family during his time off.



Ben was licensed in 2009, first working for a nonprofit organization doing real estate acquisitions, management and sales. Now Ben leads a team of agents in the Greater Syracuse, NY area. After trying several other coaching programs Ben heard Lars on a podcast and knew he needed to hire REBS to help implement business systems. Since joining REBS he has added team members, increased production and profit and still maintain a healthy life outside of work with his wife of 20 years and two children.

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