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“I was able to put the systems in place that allowed me to be more accountable with my family.”

- Stacie Peterson


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The Rebs Drivers TM

  • Roadmap


    The most important part of building a sustainable business is knowing where you are now and creating an effective plan of attack to move forward. Having clarity regarding your future is critical to avoid overwhelming and bad business decisions.

  • Marketing


    Before you can scale your business, you must be able to systematically attract high-quality buyer and seller clients. Whether it is digital marketing and social media, or direct response methods used for Expireds & FSBOs, you must have a consistent flow of high-quality inbound buyer and seller leads.

  • Sales


    Everything from the scripts you use on the phone to the presentations you give face-to-face to buyers and sellers, you must begin to look at the sales function in your business as a system rather than something you personally do.

  • Operations


    In order to create clients for life, you must be able to deliver a world-class client experience. It’s only possible to deliver a repeatable quality service to your clients when you have processes in place and a systematic way of executing those processes.

  • Finance


    Instead of spending more money, you must focus on doing more with what you already spend. Most real estate agents don’t know their numbers and as a result, they have no idea what is going on in their business.

  • People


    As John Maxwell states “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.

    Having the right people in the right seats is critical to your success in building a leveraged real estate business. The process of identifying talent and inspiring them to play at a higher level than they would normally play is the key to building a great team.

“In 2018, I was able to put $1,000,000+ of net profit in the bank!”

- Dave Friedman

What's Your 'Why'

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The Rebs Freedom Process TM

  • Assess

    Take inventory of the critical areas of your business so you know exactly where you are,where you need to go and the specific action steps to get you there.

  • Strategy

    Determine the 3-5 most important tools, systems and strategies to focus on each quarter.

  • Coaching

    You will be pushed hard to improve your skills in sales and marketing, leadership and management, as well as tracking and finance.

  • Results

    The key to sustainable change is to measure results and be honest with yourself. REBS provides a framework for the areas of your business that need your attention.